Guideline on Cooperation between SAIs and Gov Branches

The Guideline on Effective Practices of Cooperation between SAIs, the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the Executive is a project led by the SAI of Jamaica. The purposes of this document are the following:

  • Promote the effective use of available instruments, tools, and approaches for improving the relationship between SAIs and the arms of government (legislative, judicial, and executive).
  • Enhance the effectiveness with which the SAIs fulfill their role of holding government accountable for the use of public money by forging collaborative relationships with the legislative, executive and administrative arms of government.
  • Enhance the reputation and credibility of the SAI in its relation with the basic pillars in the community to clarify the important role of the SAI in protecting the public funds, its tasks and robust measures to co-operate with the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive.

In Arusha, during the 2016 WGVBS meeting, the members approved the revised guideline and agreed upon presenting the document, without its annexure, before the members of the Goal 3 Steering Committee.

In relation to the referred annexure, the Working Group members agreed to enrich both its drafting and examples included. To this end, an online survey was developed by the project leader, with assistance provided by the Working Group Chair and other member SAIs. Later on, the survey was applied to the INTOSAI community in 2017, which counted on a 10 week-period to provide comments and good practices in terms of their cooperation strategies with the three government branches. The SAI of Jamaica used the gathered information to enrich the annexure of good practices.

During the 2017 meeting, held in Mexico City, the leading SAI presented the results of the launched survey, which will serve as inputs to enrich the annexure of the Guideline.

Draft Guideline on Cooperation between SAIs and Gov Branches