ISSAI 12 Questionnaire

During the 7th meeting of the WGVBS, held in 2014 in Mexico City,  the Working Group members agreed to create a Task Force made up by the SAIs of Mexico, Namibia and South Africa in order to map, through a survey, the activities carried out by SAIs, which are helpful to implement the principles of ISSAI 12 “The Value and Benefits of Supreme Audit Institutions: making a difference to the lives of citizens. This action has a two-fold objective:

  • to identify the main principles which are most challenging to apply, recognizing the existing obstacles or reasoning behind the lack of implementation, and
  • to detect good practices and lessons learned for the Working Group members to foster the exchange of knowledge and experiences related to the way SAIs could contribute to make a difference to the lives of citizens.

To this end, a questionnaire was prepared in order to obtain useful information to identify institutional challenges, as well as SAIs’ good practices related to the implementation of ISSAI 12. This survey was submitted to the member SAIs in order to get their responses and count on information from a reliable sample of the INTOSAI community, which could be used to identify the main factors that should be considered so as to fully implement ISSAI 12.

At the Arusha meeting, the Task Team members identified, following the application of the survey to a reliable sample of the INTOSAI community, that the most challenging principles, in terms of implementation, were numbers 3, 6, 7, 9 & 11. This information allowed the Task Team to prepare and launch a survey, as well as to organize video-conferences with representatives from targeted SAIs. The objective of this initiative is to gather concrete information on institutional strategies and actions that other SAIs could take into account to implement the referred challenging principles.

The findings steaming from these efforts could be used by the Working Group to develop and provide the INTOSAI Community with guidance material to help SAIs to fully implement the ISSAI 12. Additionally, this information could allow to focus the Working Group’s activities for the next period.