Risk Identification Process in the Public Sector

At the Nanjing meeting in 2015, the Working Group members had the opportunity to discuss the importance for SAIs to identify and manage their own risks as well as those linked to the public sector operation. In this sense, the Working Group members agreed that the SAI of Mexico would draw up a draft to expound the main elements that SAIs should take into account to identify both (1) key national risks, and (2) its own internal functioning risks.

As for the former, the SAI of Mexico would work with the SAI of the United States, and as to the latter, the coordination would be carried out with the SAI of China.

In August 2016, during the Arusha meeting, these drafts were presented, and the Working Group members agreed upon providing comments to the preliminary versions. The revised papers were presented at the 2017 WGVBS meeting, held in Mexico City, so the WG is in a position to define the potential next steps of these initiatives.

Identification of Public Sector Risks: the Role of SAIs

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Risk Management Process in SAIs

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