SAIs Information Database


The SAIs’ Information Database is a friendly-user electronic tool that makes available information such as SAIs’ organization, administrative characteristics, mandate, scope, and auditing practices, as well as data on their communication methods and reporting, among other topics.

The objectives of the database are:

  • to strengthen the communication, cooperation and exchange of information,
  • to foster the identification of themes of common interest,
  • to support the SAIs’ capacity building and continuous improvement,
  • to maximize the SAIs’ and the stakeholders’ use of INTOSAI knowledge services,
  • to demonstrate the value and benefits of SAIs, thus enhancing the public confidence, and
  • to make a contribution to the SAIs’ and INTOSAI’s openness and transparency, thus strengthening their position and reputation.

The survey that fed the database allows obtaining public information and fact-based data, which statistical analysis can facilitate the conduction of descriptive studios on each SAI’s situation and also on that of INTOSAI. This way, the INTOSAI community and the general public have a tool contributing to research and systematic comparison among Supreme Audit Institutions.

Visit the official website of the SAIs’ Information Database.