Self-Assessment of Integrity, IntoSAINT

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The Self-Assessment of Integrity (IntoSAINT) is an innovative tool that allows Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) perform a risk analysis focused on integrity, assess the maturity level of their internal control systems on this matter, strengthen their institutional capacities and promote good governance. The instrument is targeted at corruption prevention and leads to management recommendations to support the integrity of the organisation. The selfassessment results in a report that enables the SAI to design a tailor made integrity policy and at the same time increase the integrity awareness of employees.

This initiative is relevant to the implementation of diverse international instruments, such as:

  • ISSAI 12: “Value and Benefits of SAIs – making a difference to the life of citizens”
  • ISSAI 20: “Principles of Transparency and Accountability”
  • ISSAI 30: “Code of Ethics”
  • SAI PMF.- Indicator SAI-18: “Ethics, Management and Internal Control”
  • INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

It is worth mentioning the value and benefits of this tool, which impact improving areas goes beyond integrity matters in institutions such as: internal control, professional development, work environment, strategic planning, risk management, capacity-building, communications strategy, good governance, among others.

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